Core Connectivity

VTA’s Core Connectivity Project explores options for providing mobility solutions in areas that are a poor fit for fixed-route transit services such as those with low-density, poor-walkability and/or street networks that prevent access by buses.  Potential solutions include contributing funding to cities so that they may operate their own shuttle programs or subsidizing rides through taxi and on-demand services.

VTA is currently evaluating contributions to senior mobility services and testing a pilot on-demand service in Almaden Valley, which, if successful, could be replicated in other parts of the county.

Fare Study

VTA's Board of Directors has adopted a revised fare policy, which was based on a review and public engagement process aligned with the objectives of increasing transit ridership and improving farebox recovery.

The new fare policy includes free VTA-to-VTA transfers on Clipper for 2 hours, an increased base fare, restructuring of the Eco Pass program, reduced youth fares, and continued reduced fares for low-income riders.

Read more about the new fare policy on Headways.

Express Bus Study Study


Following the adoption of the Final Transit Service Plan, which addresses VTA’s all-day and school-oriented services, VTA will undertake an Express Bus Study to evaluate whether changes should be made to the express bus network.  Express buses bear 100-series numbering and operate during the morning and evening peak periods, making long-distance commuter-oriented trips.